Candid Conversations with a Change Manager

Join Safe Ag Systems and Carmen Quade from AgriFocused, as we learn a few simple strategies to prepare for change.



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Carmen Quade founded AgriFocused in 2019, realising that there was a need for business skills training for farm business owners and managers. Aware that many people were missing out on opportunities to attend face-to-face training due to work, farm and family responsibilities, she launched her first online course in 2021.

AgriFocused now offers online training in Farm Budgeting, Excel and Farm Office management. Her regular newsletter, Farm Business Focus includes simple information on improving your farm business, a couple of times a month.

You can find out more about AgriFocused’s offerings on their website.


Links mentioned in the Webinar

Navigating Change - Presentation Slides

The ifarmwell project has great resources for managing change and conflict in farming families.


Recommended by Carmen

If you are looking to work with someone on improving your leadership or management skills, Carmen recommends:

Sally Murfett
0409 196 861


Jo Eady
0356 822 811