Keep Safe around Grain

Enhance the health and safety for your grain farming operation. Improve productivity, protect your workers and ensure the proper measures are in place.
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Improve the standards across your grain operation.


Grain farmers face daily risks.

Chemicals, heavy machinery and equipment require training for proper use. Biosecurity threats aren’t directly linked to health and safety, but can affect your farm.
Inductions explain your processes and can be sent prior to arriving on farm. Edit our templates or build your own. Generate QR codes, making it easier for Contractors and Visitors.

Extend the life of your farm assets.

Grain farming heavily relies on machinery and equipment to streamline labor-intensive tasks - planting, seeding, and harvesting. Keeping machinery and equipment well-maintained is essential.
Schedule regular maintenance, set reminders and use QR codes for easier inventory management. Monitor usage and keep track of your machinery, equipment, tools, and chemicals by accessing detailed records.

Ensure instructions are followed with checklists.

Grain-augers pose a risk of injury to workers. Implementing safety checks and proper guarding can significantly reduce the likelihood of serious injuries
Chemicals play a crucial role in crop and grain farming, being utilized for seed treatment, pest control and crop protection. Provide guidelines for chemical mixing, application, and storage. 

Enhance hazard mapping to accurately pinpoint your position.

Give your team instant access to a digital farm map. Allow workers to easily navigate hazards and access important safety information.
Identify confined spaces. Grain storage, bins or silo entrapments are one of the most identified hazards associated with grain farming. Locate areas where you would shift or unload grain and outline the boundaries of your property.

See how the system can benefit your business


Improved Communication

Provide the right information, making it easily accessible, when its needed.


Peace of Mind

Reduce expenses and the risk of downtime with optimised record keeping.


Meet your legal obligations

Safety and compliance software developed by farmers and created by qualified WHS experts

The customisation has allowed us to tailor checklists for confined space entry permits, toolbox meetings, prestart checklists, inspection reports. You can just keep adding or refining these checklists as your progress through the adoption of Safe Ag Systems.

Jim Christie, One Tree Ag