Working with Livestock

Every day is unique when you're dealing with livestock and cattle. Opt for a digital safety system to stay on top of health and safety obligations.
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Farm safety simplified for cattle farmers.


Ensure livestock workers have the training to work efficiently.

Customise inductions to include safe work procedures, handling techniques and animal welfare practices. Train new workers on tools and machinery for feeding, cleaning, and transporting cattle.
Utilise our pre-made Working with Livestock and in Stockyards induction. Assign inductions to one or multiple workers. Link to your biosecurity plan, emergency procedure or healthy hygiene practices.

A proactive approach to machinery maintenance in cattle farming.

From tractors to feeders, machinery plays an essential role. Avoid costly repairs and downtime with Inventory Management
Stay on top of routine machinery maintenance with regular inspections and prestart checklists. Identify signs of wear and tear early, scheduled reminders, registration expiry alerts and more.

On-demand access to your farm map.

Livestock producers need be aware of potential hazards to take precautions. Hazards aren't limited to erratic animals or stock yards - you've got power poles, sheds, dams and no-go zones.
Visualise your cattle farm with Hazard Mapping to identify potential risks. Improved Hazard Mapping makes it simpler for workers to report, locate and avoid hazards.

A valuable, time-saving tool for cattle farmers.

Checklists provide clear instructions for livestock transportations, operating machinery, chemicals and more. Farmers can be alerted to potential hazards - damaged fences, faulty electricals or slippery floors. 
Accessing safety checklists has never been easier. Providing a systematic approach at your fingertips. Improving efficiency, streamlining operations and saving time.

Benefits of Safe Ag Systems in Livestock Farming


Visibility over Operations

Centralised records for easy access. Generate reports to drive continuous improvements.


Increased Effiencies

Optimise your workforce, inventory and data to impact productivity.


Meet your legal obligations

Safety and compliance software developed by farmers and created by qualified WHS experts

What I’m most excited about is being able to send out an induction to a contractor so they are inducted into our business before they even step on our property.

Al Gabb, Tarnawa Pastoral Company