Procedures Overview

Procedures (commonly known as Safe Work Procedures) are the farm rules around how workers must operate machines or undertake particular tasks in a safe manner.

Safe Ag Systems provides a library of common procedures which can be accessed from the Template Library and edited to suit the needs of your business.  If you already have procedures that you use, you can create these in the system using the Build New function on the Procedures screen.

  • Once you have created and published a procedure, it appears on the Published tab and is available for use.
  • If you no longer need a procedure, you can archive it. This removes it from use, but it can be viewed from the Archive tab in case you need to access it in future.
  • When you update a procedure, a new version is created and a copy of the old version is saved in the Archive.
  • You can assign a procedure to a worker for them to review and accept using the Assign Procedure function on the Published tab of the Procedures screen.  The Procedure Logs tab shows a list of procedures that have been assigned to or accepted by workers. 

    A report of Procedure Logs can also be generated under Administration > Reporting.
  • You can attach a procedure to an inventory item or a task to ensure that workers are aware of any requirements before operating or using the inventory item.

Help for Business Administrators and Supervisors

How to Create and User Procedures

Updating a Procedure

Version Control for Policies and Procedures

Attaching a Procedure to an Inventory Item

Adding PPE Icons to a Policy or a Procedure

Implementation - Step 6 - Procedures

Procedure Reporting

Help for Workers and Mobile App Users

Viewing and Accepting a Procedure on the App

Running a Procedure Attached to an Inventory Item