Near Miss and Incident Reporting

Easily manage your Near Miss and Incident Reporting to help drive continuous improvement.
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User-friendly reporting for Risk Management.


Near Miss and Incident Reporting straight from the field.

Incident reports can be quickly kicked off in the field with the App. Use a systematic approach to complete reports and promote a safety culture. Capture and report on key details about a near miss or incident easily so that key staff can be notified quickly.
Be guided to investigate incidents to identify causes and prevent similar events from occurring.

Unsure of the correct steps in a Near Miss and Incident Investigation?

Intuitive Near Miss and Incident reporting makes capturing the right information in an investigation simpler. Be guided through the process of capturing essential information, add a location, photos and list witnesses.
Our innovative software allows you to classify the severity of the situation, record evidence and actions taken.

Track near misses to prevent future incidents.

Encourage workers to report near misses before they become a serious problem.  Near miss reporting is essential for farm safety. Reports can highlight areas that may need attention so that processes and working conditions can be improved.
Proactively manage risks and address any undiscovered safety concerns. Promptly initiate improvements with corrective actions to avoid future incidents.

Safety Management made for Agriculture



Run safety inspections to identify potential hazards and dangers. Use the hazard map and noticeboard to communicate.

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Task Management

Increase efficiency in your daily farming operations. Distribute the workload, assign and track tasks wherever you are.

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Inductions and Onboarding

Create and send inductions to visitors, workers or contractors. Link key information in real-time and track completed inductions.

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Near Miss and Incident reporting makes it simple for me to jump in, complete a report and finish it off. I can ensure they are done correctly.

Tom Farmer, goFarm