Policies and Procedures

Manage all of your company policies and Safe Work Procedures in one easy to access location.


Let us help you create your policies and procedures

With over 50 agri-specific policy templates and 200 Safe Work Procedures available for you to select from, we can help you ensure that you’re heading in the right direction to meet your Work, Health and Safety requirements.

Safe Ag Systems comes with agricultural specific policy and procedure templates, that help you set up your safety system easily and efficiently.

Make your policies easy to access for your workers.

Within Safe Ag Systems you can create, edit and sign off all of your company policies. Once signed off, policies become available for workers to access via the mobile app.

Attach policies to your inductions to ensure that workers, contractors and visitors have been made aware of all your key safety information.

Ensure that you are providing clear, safe instructions to all workers.

Easily manage your Safe Work Procedures by attaching them to the relevant machine, tool or structure. Workers can then simply use a QR code to access.

Workers can make a comment, create a follow-up task and accept your Safe Work Procedures, ensuring your keeping the records you require.

Utilise our template to help you prepare for COVID-19

Limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in your workplace in 3 simple steps by preparing relevant policies, inductions and plans using our templates.

  1. Keep your workers safe by developing a POLICY for COVID-19 and ensure your workforce know the policy.

  2. Have workers and visitors complete a COVID-19 Employee Survey found in INDUCTION BUILDER to assess the risks of people’s potential exposure to COVID-19.

  3. Create a COVID Safe Plan for your business using the template found in INSPECTION BUILDER. The template is based on the requirements of the Victorian and NSW Governments, and is tailored specifically to agriculture wherever possible. NOTE: This template should meet the requirements of all other states.

We are building on all aspects of the program, and I can see it will be very useful for us. In addition, just the process of us implementing Safe Ag Systems has resulted in an overall WHS review, with some changes already taking place.
Andrew Bowring, Kyalite Pistachios, Australia