Product Update

We are commited to the continuous improvement of our product offering so you can continue to make your operations a safe environment for all.

Our login and account creation process has changed.


As of the 30th March 2021 our login and account creation process has changed with the introduction of single sign-on accounts. This has changed the way all current users login and how new user accounts are created moving forward. 

It is important that all existing users update the app when the new version becomes available, otherwise access to the app may be interrupted.





Quick Guide:

1. Login to your account as normal

2. You may be prompted to update your password to meet our new security requirements.

3. Our system will recognize your old account and ask you to update your login details. You can decide to keep your old username format FirstName_LastName or change to a unique email address or Google, Apple or Microsoft credentials.

4. Once you have verified your new login method, you will be redirected to your connected subscription.


What is Single Sign-on?

A single sign-on account allows users to utilise a unique email address or Google, Apple or Microsoft credentials to access their Safe Ag Systems account. It also means that users with multiple login accounts can use a single sign-on account to consolidate multiple logins into one. The single sign-on process improves your user experience, making access easier, faster and more secure.


Our previous process.

Previously, when you have added a new user to your system and granted them access, a new user account was created that is unique to one system. This also set a username of FirstName_LastName for the new users account. This username couldn't be updated and sometimes caused confusion. The previous process meant that those who required access to multiple Safe Ag Systems accounts, required a separate login for each one.


What has changed?

Moving forward, when you add a new user and grant them access, they will be sent an invite to connect with your system. The user will then be able to either create a new single sign-on account utilising a unique email address or Google, Apple or Microsoft credentials, or they can use an existing single sign-on account to connect with your subscription.

We have also introduced enhanced password security, meaning all accounts will be required to have a password that is at least 8 characters in length and have at least one number and one upper case.


How does this impact existing user accounts?

When an existing user logs in for the first time from the 30th March, they will automatically be asked to update their password, if it doesn't meet the new security requirements, and also create a new single sign-on account.

When creating the new single sign-on account, they will be asked if they wish to keep their existing username (FirstName_LastName) or utilise an email address or Google, Microsoft or Apple credentials.

Once they have updated their login process to a single sign-on account, they will have the ability to consolidate other existing accounts and link them to the newly created single sign-on account.


Our step-by-step guide.

For further instructions on how to update an existing account to a single sign-on account or consolidate multiple logins please access the following knowledge base article; Updating your existing account to a Single Sign-on account

We also have a guide on how new users create an account when you send them an invitation to connect with your subscription; Connecting with a Safe Ag Systems Account


Need Help?

If you would like any further information or require any help with your Safe Ag System, please contact our Client Experience Team on 08 8490 0939 or email us at