Worker Records

Manage and keep track of important health details, current training qualifications and employment contracts.

Worker Records Hero 3

Manage all your worker records in one location.

Store all your worker's key contact information as well as health records and health action plans that can be accessed in the case of an emergency situation. This ensures that your workers can know what to do if one of your workers had a medical episode.

You can also store worker documents such as Employment contracts, Position descriptions or Performance Reviews

Keep on top of all your workers training records.

Easily maintain records of all your worker's Tickets, Licences and Certificates within the Training Register with the ability to set expiry dates to receive reminders when training is due again.

Safe Ag Systems also allows you to schedule in any upcoming or required training for your workers.

Importing your worker records in just a few quick and easy steps.

Did you know that Safe Ag Systems allows you to import worker records by integrating with Xero? Create new user records by importing your employees first and last name, phone number, email, date of birth and address.

Complete safety management for your agribusiness


Policies and Inductions

Use our templates or create your own policies to establish your company’s safety goals and expectations. Create and send your inductions to your visitors, workers or contractors via the App.


Safety Checklists

Design Safe Work Procedures and Pre-operational safety checklists that your workers will actually use. Keep track of these using the reporting feature and easily edit them when you need to.


Inventory Management

Digitally manage your machinery, equipment, and chemicals so everyone has access when they need it.



Monitor daily operations, completed inductions, checklists and tasks to track progress and improve efficiencies.


Emergency Management

Keep your workers safe and give them access to important information in an emergency.


Task Management

Increase efficiency in your daily operations. Distribute the workload and manage your team effectively.


Near Miss and Incident Reporting

Report and manage Near Miss and Incidents to drive continuous improvements.


Safety Inspection

Run safety inspections efficiently to identify potential hazards and dangers. Use the hazard map and noticeboard to communicate.


Worker Records

Manage and keep track of important health details, current training qualifications and employment contracts.

It takes away all that paperwork and all that other red tape that we don’t like.
Damon Coats, Illfracombe, VIC