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Stay on top of compliance requirements and change safety culture in your workplace.
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Farm safety management that works for you

Policies and Procedures

Use our templates or create your own policies and procedures. Establish your farm businesses safety goals and expectations. 

What Policies and Procedures can do:

  • Customisable templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Attach to Inductions
  • Attach to Machinery
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Inventory Management

Digitally manage your machinery, equipment and chemicals. Track inventory usage and access records when you need them.

What Inventory Management can do:

  • Link to Safety Data Sheets
  • Track hours and kms
  • Schedule reminders
  • Lockout/Tagout
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Design prestart checklists that your workers will use. Digital checklists are easily edited and accessible, making checks simpler.

What checklists can do:

  • Pre-start checks
  • Create forms instantly
  • Attach to inventory
  • Records of completed checks
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Emergency Management

Keep your workers safe and know their last location. Quickly access important information in an emergency.

What Emergency Management can do:

  • Access emergency information
  • Access health action plans
  • Pinpoint worker locations
  • Trigger an emergency alert
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Inductions and Onboarding

Create and send inductions to visitors, workers or contractors. Link key information in real-time and track completed inductions.

What Inductions can do:

  • Editable induction templates
  • Send via the App
  • Link key information
  • Assign to multiple workers
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Task Management

Increase efficiency in your daily farming operations. Distribute the workload, assign and track tasks wherever you are.

What Task Management can do:

  • Manage your workload
  • Assign tasks on the go
  • Add notes, set due dates
  • Track tasks to completion

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Near Miss and Incident Reports

Report and manage Near Miss and Incidents to drive continuous improvements. Effortlessly kick off a report with the App.

What Near Miss and Incident Reports can do:

  • Capture key details
  • Classify the severity
  • Initiate corrective actions
  • Quickly notify staff
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Worker Records

Keep track of important health details, current training qualifications and employment contracts.

What Worker Records can do:

  • Manage health action plans
  • Store employment documents
  • Keep a digital training register
  • Track and document expiry dates
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Run safety inspections to identify potential hazards and dangers. Use the hazard map and noticeboard to communicate.

What Inspections can do:

  • Editable Inspection templates
  • Identify potential hazards
  • Create a follow-up task
  • Add hazards to your farm map
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More than farm safety. Safe Ag Systems gives you the tool that helps manage safety and compliance obligations. See what Safe Ag Systems can do:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Inventory Management
  • Checklists
  • Inductions 
  • And more
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See how this system can benefit your business


Meet your legal obligations

Safety and compliance software developed by farmers and created by qualified WHS experts


Specific to agriculture

More of what you need without the jargon, including a comprehensive list of SWP’s for machinery and tools you actually use


Improve safety culture

Create a better workplace with safety compliance software that is easy to use and empower your workers to make better choices


Manage safety remotely

Keep track of worker records, machinery maintenance and contractor inductions from the office

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Client support

Multiple ways to communicate with our Client Experience Team and get the help you need, fast by booking a time that suits you


Proven solution

Used in multiple investigations where prohibition notices and fines have been appealed, revoked or avoided

Safe Ag Systems is a whole system approach. I can go on my app at anytime, see checklists being ticked off and know that I don’t have to worry.

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