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Machinery maintenance – are your records easy to access?


Machinery is easily the most dangerous element on your farm. Statistics from AgHealth Australia, formerly known as the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety, highlight that in 2018, more than 69% of on-farm deaths were a direct result of machinery. This ranged from tractors and trucks to utes and quad bikes to augers and slashers. In total, 41 of the 67 deaths reported in Australia last year were the result of machinery. 

Understanding and managing the risks that come with using agricultural machinery is essential to a safe operating environment. There are regular risk management practices you can put into place, alongside seasonal checks at various times of the year.

How to identify hazards

A good place to start to identify on-farm hazards is to ask yourself a few questions about the plant and equipment that you use and identifying the risks you can see. Talk to the workers who regularly use the equipment as often they have a good idea about the hazards. 

Maintenance records

It is also essential to keep a record of all servicing or maintenance. Remember it is a legal requirement for you to retain your machinery service records. It’s very easy to keep your records up to date using Safe Ag Systems™ also giving you access to this information, anywhere, anytime.

Safe Ag Systems™ will allow you to attach a scan-able code to any inventory item which will present your worker with a Safe Work Procedure. 

Moving Machinery

Another factor to consider is the safety of machinery when you’re moving between properties. Ensure you comply with the relevant Codes of Practice and operate at a safe speed, with securely hitched equipment. Properly comply with permit requirements.

Originally published 22 March, 2018.

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