Audit and Compliance

Everything you need to know about your safety status in one place. 


Search reporting or export the data.

- Current status of your inductions.
- List all visitors that have been on site this month.
- All completed tasks this week.
- All near miss or incident reports logged.
- Registration and licensing due to expiry.

Just to name a few.....

Dashboard Overview.

Get a snapshot on how your employees are tracking via the Dashboard. See in real time the status of open tasks and the number of completed checklist records grow.

You can see and export more detailed information via the reporting function.

Safety Rating.

Located on the business dashboard, our Safety Rating offers a snapshot based on your actions, plus a guide to improve your safety practices and record keeping.

Track the health of your safety system to help negotiate an insurance discount with your supplier.

My employees love it. They have changed their ethos, they’ve changed their culture around safety and they're happy in their workplace, they feel safer.
Josh Walter, Murnong Farms, VIC, Australia