Chemicals Overview

A register of all chemicals held on farm can be retained under the Chemicals tab enabling workers to access critical safety information such as SDS, required PPE, withholding periods and hazard information easily from the field or office.

Usage or purchase can be recorded ensuring accurate records of retained quantities of chemicals.

Businesses with a Professional or Enterprise subscription can use a barcode on the inventory item to enable even quicker access.

Help for All Users

Adding a New Chemical

Editing an Existing Chemical

How to Archive, Delete or Duplicate a Chemical

Adding a Chemical Usage or Purchase Record

How to View or Edit a Chemical Purchase or Usage Record

How to Access a Chemical Record Safety Data Sheet

Accessing an Inventory Record via a QR Code

Running a Procedure Attached to an Inventory Item

Running a Checklist on the App

Help for Business Administrators and Supervisors

Printing a QR Code for an Inventory Item

Attaching a Document to an Inventory Item

Attaching a Procedure to an Inventory Item

Attaching a Checklist to an Inventory Item

Procedure Reporting

Checklist Reporting