Inventory Overview

Details of your machinery and equipment, structures and tools can be retained enabling workers to access critical safety information, complete checks and log maintenance quickly and easily from the field or office.

Businesses with a Professional or Enterprise subscription can use a QR code on the inventory item to enable even quicker access.

Help for Business Administrators and Supervisors

Implementation - Step 5 - Inventory

Adding a New Inventory Item

How to Edit an Inventory Record

Printing a QR Code for an Inventory Item

Attaching a Document (Checklist or Procedure) to an Inventory Item

Procedure Reporting

Checklist Reporting

Help for Workers and Mobile App Users

Adding an Inventory Maintenance Record

Editing an Inventory Maintenance Record

How to Log Hours or Kilometres for Machinery and Equipment

Accessing an Inventory Record via a QR Code

How to Lockout or Tagout an Inventory Item

Running a Procedure Attached to an Inventory Item

Running a Checklist on the App

Procedure Reporting

Checklist Reporting

Worker Training Videos