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Empowering Estates: The Safe Ag Systems Advantage

Clan Donald Lands Trust owns and operates Armadale Castle, Gardens & Museum of the Isles in Scotland.

Massing over 20,000 acres, the Scottish charity knew it needed a digital safety system to better manage the estate's safety and compliance.

But being such a large and busy estate meant many solutions and paper-based systems didn’t fit their requirements.

That was until Dalavil Consultancy entered the scene and introduced them to Safe Ag Systems.

The digital system could adapt to the estate's particular needs all in one convenient app. Giving them power right in the palm of their hands.

The driver: To find an effective record-keeping system

Like many estates, CDLT offers many recreational activities on their land. From game shooting, fishing, and forest trails, they welcome the community into the estate.

Add in farming and it suddenly becomes a complex working environment with high-risk areas.

With a whole range of areas to cover and document, their driver was to find a system that was affordable and efficient.

They also required it to conduct risk assessments and store all its health and safety documents in one place.


Safety is important for the wellbeing and welfare of staff and visitors to the estate.” Clan Donald Land Trust states.

Enter Julia Stoddart from Dalavil Consultancy. Established in 2021, Julia created Dalavil to guide land owners and managers with their rights and estate management. 

Julia had previously worked with Safe Ag Systems and saw its potential and adaptability for estates like CDLT.

On top of keeping Health and Safety records within the system, it also offered CDLT the ability to add staff profiles, training records and task management as a bonus.

Safe Ag Systems-phone

The greenlight: Peace of mind having it all in one system

Thrilled to find a system with everything in one place they pushed forward with implementing it across their estate. Safe Ag Systems' team member Hannah Reeks was with them every step of the way to answer any questions and offer support.

Hannah in the support team was very helpful and is good at her job.” Clan Donald Lands Trust expressed.

Soon after the implementation, CDLT found immediate value in:

  • Logging staff profiles and attaching their training records and certificates

  • Having key Emergency Contacts available at the touch of a button in case of emergency.

  • Keeping track of their vehicle maintenance and servicing in one area

  • Using Task Manager to assign jobs and track progress

  • Having Location Mapping to map estate boundaries and view where emergencies or hazards have been reported.

With so many moving parts, having full oversight of all H&S elements in a single platform is incredibly reassuring.” Julia details.

CDLT wished they had known about Safe Ag Systems sooner. It represents such a common-sense approach and has everything an estate and farm manager requires.


The real winner: Increased efficiencies, saving hours of time

Like most farms and estates before encountering Safe Ag Systems, CDLT operated their safety and compliance on internal spreadsheets, paper-based systems and utilising consultants.

By implementing Safe Ag Systems they were able to minimise the hours and effort required by management staff without compromising their level of compliance.

Julia believes “This is really where an efficient management system like Safe Ag Systems effectively pays for itself.”

Productivity is key when you’re managing a 20,000-acre estate. Everything needs to be done timely, correctly and most importantly, safely.

Clan Donald Lands Trust understood that and knew they needed a digital system. CDLT proved Safe Ag Systems was not only a reliable safety and compliance system, but also an efficient and comprehensive management tool.

With a variety of features, Clan Donald Lands Trust was able to find what they were looking for and more!

Ready to see how Safe Ag Systems can streamline H&S compliance at your estate? Sign up for a free 7-day trial.

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Originally published 16 August, 2023.

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