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A partnership to promote safety awareness

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) are proud to announce its partnership with Australian based farm safety management provider, Safe Ag Systems.

The collaboration between TFGA and Safe Ag Systems, brings two agricultural industry leaders together in order to improve safety and reduce the paperwork required for good record keeping.

Motivated by TFGA members in high-risk occupations, Safe Ag Systems will offer ongoing education and guidance, individual support, and up-to-date information when it comes to Work Health and Safety obligations.

Co-founded by Caroline Graham and daughter Katy Landt in 2016, Safe Ag Systems are committed to the promotion and prevention of workplace accidents in the agriculture industry.

Facilitating with compliance obligations, Safe Ag Systems delivers a digital safety management system that is not only cost effective, but efficient, simple to implement and accessible via its app or desktop software.

As noted by Katy Landt, CEO at Safe Ag Systems, “Our mission is to produce a product and service that reduces paperwork and drives positive change”. As Safe Ag Systems understands the unique challenges the agricultural industry faces regarding safety, it is about turning Safe Ag Systems users into safety advocates.

Addressing the common goal to increase awareness of safety and legislation, TFGA acknowledge the importance of finding the right system to simplify a variety of processes whilst addressing the crucial task of making the industry safer.

Hayley Stepchuk from the TFGA states, “the partnership between TFGA and Safe Ag Systems is designed to help our members become more aware around safety and legislation and to help TFGA members streamline their safety processes; at the end of every day on every farm in Tasmania we want everyone to be safe.”

As part of this new partnership between TFGA and Safe Ag Systems, we are excited to announce some key benefits for members:

  • TFGA has done the research for you, ensuring Safe Ag Systems is an easy solution to set up and maintain. You also have the option to take part in the implementation program as a group or individually.
  • Safe Ag Systems educates and works with you to identify risks and allows you to put effective safety measures in place.
  • Safe Ag Systems understand the agricultural industry, both its challenges and rewards.
  • TFGA have negotiated a 10% discount upfront when you take out an annual subscription.

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Originally published 13 August, 2021.

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